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Okay, so I’m supposed to be working on other things right now, but I’ll make this brief.  The first step in making any type of impact (in business, in culture, in life) is summed up in the age old phrase, “Get your house in order!”  Although, you may know it better by the more colloquially stated, “Get your shit together.”  Whether you know the kind or crass version of the saying, it still remains true.

For me, my balance requires a lot of time spent energizing my body, relaxing my mind, and appeasing my curiousity.  Yeah, that means that I must–and I mean must–spend copious amounts of time exercising, resting, and following whatever neat interest-of-the-moment that I may have in order to be productive.  Potential employers beware?  No.  Mainly for two reasons: first, I’m already happily and gainfully employed; second, not to brag or anything, but I’m likely more productive than 90% of the people you work with.  In fact, there’s really nothing special about me that makes me so productive beyond allowing myself the indulgence to be human and not fight our shared natural instincts.  Again, in case you’re missing the full-circle loop: exercise, rest, and intrigue (or adventure, or curiosity, or wonder, etc.).

So what’s my point?

I don’t have my house in order today.  Instead of happily heading off to work remotely, I’m waiting on a pair of pants to finish in the dryer before I can exit my front door.  Of course, if my trip had been important, I’d have been all over this issue at least a day ahead, but since I wasn’t I now have plenty of time to sit down and write this silly little post.



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