Minimalist computer on table

INTJs and MVPs

Look, this title isn’t all that appealing, but it’s short and to the point. Fellow INTJ’s will appreciate that. I wanted to obfuscate it even

Constructing a building.
RCR Business Ventures

Picking Platform Stacks

Generating a lot of ideas is easy for some of us. Sure, you hear the technically proficient repeatedly decry, “If only I could come up

Bison with its young in a field.

Artificial Scarcity

We talk a lot about the Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is being created thanks to our impressive technologies such as Machine Learning, but we never

An antenna array on a roof

OTA Live TV and Plex

Over the past week or so, I’ve been setting up a HDHomeRun device to stream live over-the-air (OTA) television across my home network.  Okay, really,

Corsair h115i Pro

Liquid PC Cooling

So, I’m way behind the curve alright?!  Today marks my first adventure with PC water cooling, and I’m equal parts frustrated, embarrassed, and overjoyed.  I’ll

An AMD Threadripper processor

32-Core AMD Threadripper 2990WX

Have you read anything about the new AMD Threadripper 2990WX?  It has 32 processing cores.  That’s right, 32 cores in a non-server setting.  I… want…