It’s been a while since I’ve posted. It was sometime around Thanksgiving (U.S.) and even then the post was geared towards feeding search engines more than anything else. But I’m happy to announce that I’m officially starting to get my shit together for 2019.

The new launched 01 February 2019

The intention had always been to launch the new website in January, but that didn’t happen. What prevented me? Well, try this on for size:

  • Influenza Strain A
  • Bronchitis
  • Bronchitis… again
  • Vertigo for a day
  • My daughter turning 2 (gulp!)

I’m not sure which of those was the scariest. Okay, I at least know my daughter’s birthday wasn’t scary… either I don’t have the annoyance response that other parents do or my daughter is just easy to get along with for a toddler. Either way… she’s not the problem.

Luckily, the site was able to be launched on the first of February. Sure, there are some (very well) known bugs and a few incomplete listing in the new Marketplace, but things are good enough. In this case, good enough had to be good enough! Not only was this a decently moderate aesthetic update, but it also brought about the introduction of my newest business division, RCR Media, which was salvaged from my dying podcast, Multinewmedia. Sure, Multinewmedia will come back around in some form, but for now, it’s doing best by repurposing all of its assets into letting me work with world-class technology services like Plesk and

By the way, have you seen the free Udemy course I re-recorded and produced with Plesk? It’s called “Making WordPress Hosting Easy with Plesk on Amazon Lightsail“. You’ll love it. It’s like my A.B. Gamma course “Hosting Websites with Amazon Lightsail” but very direct and focused on one singular thing: WordPress hosting with Plesk using Lightsail… obviously.

Multinewmedia’s first podcast series is winding down (yeah, that’s a hint there may be more), RCR has a new website and a new division with a new client type, and A.B. Gamma keeps plodding along (although I need to give it way more attention to scale it to goal in 2019). I even have my email organized… somewhat.

Let’s see how long I can stay ahead of the game, or at least caught up.