The Multinewmedia Podcast is Ending

The Multinewmedia Podcast is Ending
Multinewmedia 2019 Screenshot
Multinewmedia 2019 Screenshot

I know that what started as a consumer technology blog back in 2012 and eventually turned into a business technology podcast in 2015 is now finished. At least in its current incarnation. Today, I released Episode 110 of the Multinewmedia Podcast and announced that there will only be 10 more episodes.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Multinewmedia is going away completely, but… pretty close.

Back in December, I let it slip in a couple of places that my business RCR Business Ventures was getting a new division called RCR Media. I hinted, or even directly stated, that it was a new division created through the reappropriation of the physical equipment and the software tools from a defunct podcast. Well, I only had one podcast and it podfaded in August, four months before my statements. Yeah, Multinewmedia was done for and the assets were being stripped away.

But somewhere in my mind was the idea to still finish the fourth season that we had committed to. Each season was named after a year. We began in Season 2015, and we ended in Season 2018. The problem, for me, was that each season was supposed to have thirty episodes, and due to fading away, Season 2018 was left with only 19. What to do?

Simple. Earlier today, I expended one of the remaining eleven episodes announcing that Season 2018 will finish with its allotment of 30 episodes, just that the final 10 (and the announcement making 11) will simply be made and released in 2019. It’s just a classification issue, really!

I’m somewhat committed to continue working on the blog technology as I custom built it and it contains salvageable technologies such as a CSS UI library and JavaScript UX library. The Multinewmedia website also contains a rudimentary CMS and RSS parser that could fairly easily be turned into an MVP for a new SaaS service geared at digital publishers. But, again, I’m likely to have RCR Business Ventures–which has always owned all of Multinewmedia–reacquire these tools for new ventures.

So, the Multinewmedia Podcast will be done after another 10 hopefully wild-and-crazy episodes that go beyond the drivel of consumer technology we had turned into before trying to save the show around episode 100.

The blog and website will linger around for a while until a larger decision can be made about how podcasts and digital media distribution will be handled (or maybe even centralized) by RCR.

Until then, I’ve got a few guests to try and book and the last few hopes and dreams for the property to pack into a tiny box and send off into the abyss of my memory. Alas, it’s all okay. The property does truly live on.

  • RCR Media already has new clients. In just a few short months, it’s expanded into an international content creation and production provider.
  • The Multinewmedia Podcast will remain available in all podcast markets where it’s currently found.
  • The website and blog will continue, even after Episode 120, until I can thoroughly understand whether it’s best to revitalize Multinewmedia with another pivot, reabsorb the remaining technology assets for new ventures, or extinguish them as unnecessary assets.