is evolving in 2019 is evolving in 2019

You may notice thing things are beginning to look a little wonky around Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. There’s a lot of construction work going on here, and my personal blog is growing into its own and serving as a resource for more than just my posts. This brings opportunities and challenges

Opportunities: This website now stands on its own in the lineup of growing digital properties managed by Chase. These properties are strategically selected and designed to provide optimal resources and information to the correct people… even when not serving content. Previously, was just a collections of my thoughts or musings related to a variety of topics. Now the site is a full fledged resource for those just meeting me and understanding my professional value proposition, trying to leverage my network to accomplish more in business or in life, wanting to maintain contact at arm’s length (or finding my social media), or searching for information on my Chase Raz brand of training (shameless plug, this is through A.B. Gamma).

Challenges: The challenges aren’t so complex, and really there’s just one major challenge: maintaining relevance. The opportunity to grow into more than a mere collection of musings means that the blog must pivot and be significantly more focused. This creates yet another thing to manage, but with modern tools, I’m up to the challenge.

Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll have the pleasure (or displeasure) of watching this site undergo a transformation and receive a brand new design. Everything from the top to bottom will look different by the time I’m finished, but navigating the site will become easier than ever. This humble little blog will grow into a quick reference for anyone looking for any of my business activities, my teachings or trainings, and my social media activities online.

Think of it as my virtual business card. Except, right now, it’s an absolute mess while I prepare for something bigger and better.