Disney World Project

Disney World Project

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been sneaking over to Walt Disney World.  By sneaking, I mean going by myself but not in the classic sense of a solo trip.  I mean simply stopping by on my commute home from work.

I pass Disney World on about three days of the week while on my way to and from work on my need-to-go-to-the-office-and-can’t-work-from-home days.  In almost eight years of this commute, I’ve likely only stopped by Disney World a handful of work days previously.  Even one or two of those trips were with co-workers for lunch.  Something has been stirring in me though, and I’ve been wanting to take on some type of project that includes Disney.

Still, the process has been a bit uneasy.  When I first started my casual drop-ins, I actually felt guilty that I wasn’t there with my wife and daughter.  I wasn’t out riding rides or anything (and so what if I did?) but I still had a sense of guilt about spending time at a place that we all love.  It was if I was hogging the experience all to myself, despite being surrounded by the thousands upon thousands of people also there enjoying their time.

To complicate matters, I noticed that I felt very uncomfortable–or at least awkward–while in front of the camera or recording audio at most of the parks or resorts.  People record all the time: everything from vacation memories to YouTube videos and travel guides.  Why did I feel so uncomfortable when recording is something I do multiple times per week in other settings?  I still don’t quite know the answer to this, but l’d like to discover the root cause.

So while I know I won’t likely be recording any travel specials or a YouTube series on Disney World anytime soon, I do know I’m still interested in doing some type of project that brings value to others who enjoy spending their time and dollars at the Disney theme parks and resorts here in central Florida.