My Broken Mindset for Keto

My Broken Mindset for Keto

I started a ketogenic lifestyle in June 2015.  It’s now July 2018, I’ve been off of keto more than a year—albeit with on-again, off-again starts—and I never really talk about ketogenics online.  Sure, my friends, family, and colleagues know me as a resource for information resource, but I haven’t been “living the dream”.  In fact, I’ve even gone backwards and gained 40 pounds of previously hard-lost weight.

What it boils down to, however, is the mindset.  When I first came off of keto back in 2017, I was already slipping.  My wife and I had our daughter in January 2017, and babies make it hard to maintain any type of weightloss.  Even when I could eat ketogenic meals (which surprisingly, I could), I wasn’t getting enough sleep or couldn’t make it to the gym… or both.  Slowly I inched up.  Ten pounds gained, then twenty and a shirt size.  Pants got tight and I hit 30 pounds up.  By 40 pounds, I knew I had a problem, and that’s where I’ve maintained for the past four or five months.  Maintained… despite multiple attempts to get back at it, maintenance is the best I can do.

Truthfully, I can’t pin this on my daughter.  It really was my own motivation and ambition that got in the way.  Several months after she was born, I got the opportunity to pick up a lot of work.  It wasn’t an amount of work to qualify as the most I’ve ever made in a side hustle, but it was the most this particular client has offered, and certainly in the Top 5 of side hustle rakes.  What did I do?  I took it.  I told myself I’d need three months to complete the work and then everything would be back to normal.  For each month away, I need need at least a week to ease back in.  I planned on three completely uninterrupted weeks of focusing on health, eating, and the gym.  Three months of work offered to turn itself into five for even more reward.  Then another month, then another… and finally, I set out to replace this now routine side income.  That’s right!  I not only converted a temporary cash surplus job into a near expectation, but then I set out to replace it via entrepreneurship.  Yeah, because starting a venture takes no time at all, right?!?

In fairness, starting ventures is what my side hustle is designed to do by the very name of the company: RCR Business Ventures.

So here I am, just finishing up the new website for RCR, which of course has caused me to sit and start at the computer for a week straight.  Before that it was creating the site for the new venture, A.B. Gamma, which was two weeks of staring at the computer without going to the gym.  Before that it was making classes for A.B. Gamma to release on Udemy, Skillshare, and other platforms.  The long and the short of it—because none of these specifics are actually germane to this story—is that there’s always something else to do when you’re an aggressive go-get-‘er Type-A person.

During all of these professional distractions I had my full time job, replacing a roof from last year’s Hurricane Irma, plumbing and appliances to fix, and loads of yard work above and beyond the normal maintenance that had to be taken care of.  I could really bellyache to you all day, it truly has been a perfect storm of being pulled in all directions at work, my business, and in my personal life.

Now, I just wonder how long it will be until I can break away from everything long enough to regain some sense about me and get back into the groove.  If you’ve ever had a ketogenic lifestyle, you know the groove that I mean: keto adaptation.  That moment that you know you’re there and you feel like Superman… ahhhh… why is it so hard to convince myself to become Superman?