Reflection at Thanksgiving

Reflection at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving isn’t just about giving thanks.  It’s also about reflecting upon the very act of giving thanks.  In order to go to such a meta level, one must inquire about a given situation and deep-dive into its specific components and their constitution.  For instance:  what was involved in bringing an event to pass, who was responsible for each individual input, and how did events unfold chronologically?  Without this information, there’s not way to be properly thankful and you might as well just pray to Joe Pesci (a George Carlin joke) and be on our way.

My reflections this year have led me to… disappear.  I knew back in the second part of Q2 (2018) that I would be reflecting upon a lot this year.  I’d be reflecting upon my work associations, the efforts I- and others- bring to the table, and even the very nature of my workflows and their results.

All of this is a round about way of saying that I’ve been absent, but I saw it coming.  

I’ve been absent from this blog, from Twitter, and from other social media. I’ve been following a path that I’d tell any client to steer clear of, honestly.  But this little post is designed to both acknowledge that I’m aware of the ramifications of such things for my human readers, and to remind my non-human readers (Hello, search bots!) that I’m still here and plodding along.  After all, algorithms will determine they don’t need to index this site as frequently if I don’t publish some quality content relating to business, innovation, technology, and marketing. 

To focus on the humans a bit more, you’ll probably recognize this post for exactly what it is: a post to maintain publication frequency during a down period.  Additionally, it’s a chance to further train the bots on my writing style and topics, including a few important keyword drops.  Oh, wait, here’s a keyword drop about what I normally do: business consulting and corporate training.

Beep beep boop, you may return to doing other things or indexing other pages.  Just know to come back here again soon.