Staying on-message

Chase Raz

Chase Raz

Staying on-message

You could say that I have a problem with staying on-point and on-message. In the early days of social web-based technologies, this varied focus was a trademark of thought-leaders and influential early adopters. When the masses came around to the adoption of a more social web, it was mistakenly viewed as taunting or troll-like behavior.

Now that social communications are ubiquitous, my particular brand of verbal diarrhea (We each have our own, you included!) simply isn’t desired or welcomed in even the most recessed and ancient parts of the web. Furthermore, it is a detriment to the jovial common sense and optimistic sarcasm I actually hope to create within our seriously convoluted world.

Because of the realities spelled out so far, I face “going corporate” with my current re-imagining of I lend myself to the criticism that I’ve sold out or that I’m always on and trying to run my personal brand like a business. That my name, my being, my essence is all about the businesses I’ve brought into the world, the companies I’ve consulted for, or the brands I have worked with.

The joke is most certainly not on me.

The joke isn’t on me. It’s on the assholes who make the claims that I’m a sellout or, even worse, a blowhard, because they aren’t criticizing me… they’re properly assessing the situation. Just, with a twinge (read: way too much) of their own personal biases and opinions being placed unfairly upon my shoulders. I have to represent myself… because nobody else will if I won’t.

I’d tell the nay-sayers to kindly fuck off at this point, but I’ve already clarified that my raunch thought-provoking commentary is well understood by me to be no longer welcome.

The difficulty is that I now need to sit down and apply to myself what I do for businesses. Gulp! It’s a simple but daunting task: identify all the keywords and phrases for which I want myself to be known. But, an idea person like me doesn’t want to be permanently tied to a word or phrase. Its’s like asking someone who isn’t even remotely prepared to die, “What key points would you like your eulogy to deliver?” Shivers all around, right?

I think another fuck off is needed here just at the thought of that eulogy thing. But, this time, you’ll likely welcome it and direct it toward me for sparking the thought.

But that’s all. There’s no more to it beyond, I’ll keep you posted on what I come up with, but this is likely going to get pretty weird for me as I evaluate myself and the value I bring to the world like I’d evaluate a business.