Here Comes the Content

Chase Raz

Chase Raz

Here Comes the Content

Nope, nothing’s perfect. The platform powering my stack right now isn’t ideal, especially here at where I’m using WordPress. I could tell you that I have plans to just move everything over to Webflow, but really who knows… my thinking could change on that in a few months and we’d be right back in this spot evaluating the same thing for the 100th time (a more realistic exaggeration than I’d like to admit).

With and both live (er, live enough), it’s time to begin focusing on the ventures and consistently dedicate my time to building them out little-by-little each day.

The general plan

The general plan is to keep A.B. Gamma as the primary focus and always have a training course in active development, specifically in the business and technology fields. This primary everyday focus will be called the “alpha block” for planning purposes, but it’s only coincidental that the alpha block is for Alpha Beta Gamma… that was unintentional. Consider it a general tell into how my brain is wired for base-level naming more than anything.

Multinewmedia and its flagship b2c content distribution channel, TZO Network, will then alternate in the beta block. Multinewmedia and TZO are not lower priority, per se, but they are secondary in terms of RCR’s mission, vision, and values. Specifically, they directly align to the RCR vision of an egalitarian world with three direct outcomes: a higher quality of living, increased human rights, an individual fulfillment. A.B. Gamma, on the other hand, speaks to all portions of RCR’s mission, vision, and values.

How many blocks are there?

Is this a TV show with just an A-plot (alpha block) and B-plot (beta block)? No. Of course, I like to work in threes and there is a lesser priority “gamma block”, which serves as the C-plot. The gamma block will—for the time being—be split amongst XLWorks,, and various other projects that are direct incubation projects of RCR Business Ventures or are designed to be content or IP holdings for Multinewmedia.

In fact, just today we tested our rapid iteration capabilities and launched the coming soon page for XLworks at We went from absolutely nothing but the idea to a fully launched landing page in less than a day’s work. The point in mentioning this here is that the gamma blocks may be much less frequently scheduled than alpha or beta blocks, but they can be wildly productive.

Keeping priorities in check

The purpose of all of this is to be able to rapidly produce content for the core list of RCR ventures currently under development. A secondary consideration, but not less important, is to be able to maintain these accelerated operations while still operating with very minimal resources, especially minimal human resources. I don’t want to be forced to be at my computer even more throughout the day, but rather, I’m seeking to accomplish more while spending less time at the computer.

So, considering that I’ve launched the entire coming soon platform for a tertiary business today, I’d say it’s time for me to get out of here and go take a walk.