Chase Raz

Theme park customers waiting in line

Your Customers are Waiting

A couple of weeks back, I went to a theme park that I love. It’s not just a local theme park that I visited frequently

project deadline

Deadlines are Dead

Remember being young and idealistic and thinking deadlines were stupid? Somehow, I’ve come back around to that position. Sure, there are times when deadlines are

Player Two Has Left the Game
Blog Dedication

Staying on-message

You could say that I have a problem with staying on-point and on-message. In the early days of social web-based technologies, this varied focus was

Space station hotel from 2001: A Space Odyssey

Futurism Exercises

You want to get better at predicting the future,and you want to be better at being yourself in the here and now. This doesn’t require

Road Work and Construction
Blog Dedication is evolving in 2019

You may notice thing things are beginning to look a little wonky around Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. There’s a lot of construction work

A collection of toy building blocks.

To Build or Buy

You’ve already asked yourself this question a dozen times. Build a house or buy an existing? Build a raised garden bed or buy a kit?